Networking is such a broad term that it covers everything from reconfiguring office technology after a move; to security issues or the redesign of a server system.

Networking is such a broad term that it covers everything from re-configuring office technology after a move; to security issues or the redesign of a server system.

At SupportPlan, the simple answer is that whatever your networking needs, we can provide the answers:

– in the event of a move or office expansion, our team can expertly manage your IT needs, including practical electrical and cabling requirements, optimum positioning of IT equipment and advice on the best systems and solutions

– IT infrastructure redesign – you may find that although you have a very fast server, the interface with your computers is slower than you would like. By re-configuring your network, we can promise you a much faster solution and recommend any upgrades that might be necessary

– making sure your networking security is watertight is essential, especially given that networked resources such as servers, firewalls and routers are now the norm. Having the right top level technical expertise matters now more than ever before – find out more by visiting our IT Security page.


Firewalls are an essential component of any organisations security infrastructure. A firewall is a type of software or hardware device that sits between an organization’s internal network and the Internet or other external networks. The primary purpose of a firewall is to monitor and control traffic entering and leaving the network, based on a set of predefined rules.

Firewalls are necessary for several reasons:

  1. Protection against external threats: Firewalls prevent unauthorised access to an organisation’s network from external sources, such as hackers and malicious software. Firewalls can also prevent outbound traffic from a network to known malicious destinations.
  2. Control of internal network traffic: Firewalls can be configured to restrict access to internal network resources based on user, device, or application. This helps prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data or systems by restricting access to only those who require it.
  3. Compliance with regulations: Many industries are subject to various regulations and standards that require specific security controls, including firewalls. Compliance with these regulations is necessary to avoid legal penalties and reputational damage.
  4. Improved network performance: Firewalls can be configured to optimise network traffic by prioritising certain types of traffic, such as VoIP or video conferencing, and limiting or blocking non-essential traffic.

In summary, firewalls are a crucial part of any organisations security infrastructure, providing protection against external threats, controlling internal network traffic, ensuring compliance with regulations, and improving network performance.

We work with:

Unifi Firewall: The Unifi Security Gateway is a firewall that offers advanced security features, including deep packet inspection, intrusion detection, and prevention. It is designed to work with the Unifi Controller, which provides centralised management of the Unifi network.

Kerio Firewall: Kerio Control is a firewall solution that includes advanced security features such as antivirus and anti-spyware protection, intrusion detection and prevention, and VPN connectivity. It is designed to be easy to use, with a simple web-based management interface.

SonicWall Firewall: SonicWall is a firewall solution that provides advanced security features such as intrusion prevention, antivirus and anti-malware protection, and application control. SonicWall firewalls are designed to be scalable and can be deployed in small or large networks.

Draytek Firewall: Draytek is a firewall solution that includes advanced security features such as VPN connectivity, intrusion detection and prevention, and content filtering. Draytek firewalls are designed to be easy to use and provide detailed reporting and monitoring capabilities.

Sophos Firewall: Sophos is a firewall solution that provides advanced security features such as antivirus and anti-malware protection, intrusion prevention, and content filtering. Sophos firewalls are designed to be scalable and provide centralised management of the network security.

All of these firewall solutions offer advanced security features to protect organisations from various types of cyber threats. The choice of a firewall solution will depend on the specific needs and priorities of the organisation, such as the size of the deployment, the desired level of security, and the types of threats that need to be addressed.


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Support Plan has been a highly valued supplier to APR Communications, supporting our luxury PR agency from 1997 until 2018 when the company merged to become ANM.

We cannot recommend Support Plan more highly.  Not only have Support Plan provided an impeccable service; they have also been a true partner of the agency providing excellent counsel re our IT requirements and valuable cost-saving advice.

The team are very responsible and always go the extra mile in providing technical solutions in a user-friendly manner.

We wish Lance and the Support Plan team our best and have been honoured to work with them.

Annabel McAvoy, Managing Partner, APR Communications LLP

All unforeseen problems were handled smoothly and calmly with the expertise of the engineers…[SupportPlan] sold me solutions and not technology.

Reginald Thompson, Conran Design Group Ltd

SupportPlan are fast, efficient, friendly and very knowledgeable. They have resolved any problems I have thrown their way and in quick time.  I would recommend them to any company.

Design Manager, Colliers International

I rely on SupportPlan. Even though I’m able to carry out certain tasks, it’s reassuring to know that SupportPlan is on the other end of the phone if I need them for back up.

Neil Hickford, Four IV Design

I work in a very busy marketing team. Knowing that SupportPlan are there to help us, in case of any problems has always been reassuring. They proved it one day when my Mac broke down as I was facing a tough deadline. Not only did SupportPlan swiftly replace the faulty computer, but their engineer also transferred all my files to the new Mac, enabling me to get back to work right away.

Claudia Mansaray, Marketing Communications Executive, Alzheimer's Society

I had the opportunity to work with your engineer via telephone today. I was so impressed with his helpfulness, knowledge and professionalism that I felt that I should send this email complement. Who ever hired him made the right decision. I will certainly be recommending your company to any other company I work with.

John McCrudden, MSc MCSE ACTC JNCIS-ER, "IT Infrastructure Specialist", Mitie Business Services

SupportPlan’s engineers have the knack for solving problems quickly by asking jargon-free questions that make a user feel like an IT expert.

Christine Holdforth, Manager, Corporate Publicity and Design Studio, Department of Education and Skills

SupportPlan is unusual in that the ‘top man’ is much more hands on with his clients than in other comparable organisations and is happy to step in when required. The engineers are responsive in a crisis and devote themselves to solving the problem efficiently.

Irena St John-Brooks, Managing Director, Pension Publications Ltd

SupportPlan are a rare breed in that they genuinely understand creative agencies and how we use IT in the business. They provide all our day-to-day IT support in a seamless and proactive way as well as advising us at a strategic level.

Financial Director, Salter Baxter

We were very impressed not only by the promptness of response but also by the consistency for the support…our Mac users were able to build up a strong working relationship with the regular team of experts from SupportPlan.

Richard Swann, IT Manager, Institute of Directors

I thoroughly recommend SupportPlan for whatever creative IT needs you may have…their expert knowledge is worth their weight in gold, let alone the service and range of services they back this up with. They are and always will be constant to my working life, as they have never let me down.

Neil Carter, Studio Manager, Penna Plc.

It’s reassuring to know that I have the breadth of skills of the SupportPlan team to back me up when I need them.

Gareth Perry, Group IT Manager, Eaglemoss

I have no hesitation recommending SupportPlan. They have maintained our computers for 12 years and they have ensured that any problems are resolved on the same day so we experienced as little down time during working hours. Their technicians are extremely knowledgeable and are always polite and helpful.


It’s not just our customers that recognise our hard work, we are accredited by Apple, Microsoft, Dell, HP, VMWare, Juniper, Kerio, Archiware P5, as well as many other manufacturers.

Our clients range from corporate giants, to hundreds of smaller businesses, many of whom rely on us to be their virtual IT department. They know we will never compromise on providing the right person for the right IT challenge and that’s why we’re the obvious first port of call when IT support is needed.

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